Wednesday, September 10, 2008

got some answers?

Why do I sometimes crave a food that doesn't seem to exist? I walk around the supermarket searching for it and it just isn't there! (That wasn't supposed to be an existential question even though it sounds like it.)

Can the phenomenon of Nazism be adequately explained within the framework of Marxism?

People seem to like the sweets of their own particular countries, and other countries' versions of them never quite live up. Are we, therefore, taught to like chocolate by our upbringings, or is chocolate or saturated fat intrinsincally yummy?

Why are people stupid? Myself included?

Why is it that baby creatures are so much cuter than adult creatures? Of any species?

Is being an academic really a justifiable career?

Why do dictators have moustaches?

Nicos Poulantzas' Fascism and Dictatorship: is his argument really original or is he merely putting his fingers in his ears and insisting that everyone else is wrong?

Should I have a stir fry or pasta for dinner tonight?

Do real skeleton keys, that could open ANY door, actually exist?

Analyse the controversy between 'intentionalist' and 'structuralist' historians over the genesis of the Holocaust. Is it possible, at last, to resolve the main points of the debate?

Did my entire ancestry exist just to produce me? :)


Sarakastic said...

Stiry Fry. I've always wondered that about skeleton keys, they have them in books. I actually like most European chocolate more than say Hershey's. However, I eat Hershey's more because it is well, here. My brother once brought home 50 candy bars from England. I'm ashamed to say how long they did or did not last.

Trish Ryan said...

I can only help with the question about the food you're craving: 99% of my cravings can be satisfied with potato chips (and this seems to hold true across international lines). Try it & let me know how it works :)

Beck said...

Pasta. It is the deliciousest.
People are stupid because of... I'm gonna say Orginial Sin.
Not just dictators! My Uncle Doug also has a moustache. So did Magnum, PI.
Baby animals are cute so we don't kill 'em. True story.

~Virginia~ said...

pasta! the ultimate comfort food. :)

LEstes65 said...

Well seeing as how my brain has been on overload since - oh - about the 6th grade, I will tackle the sweets/chocolate thing:

I hear what you're saying. But I have to say that the chocolate in Europe makes most American chocolate seem like some really poor attempt at creating chocolate with other non-chocolate ingredients. Once my German neighbor in 5th grade gave me some REAL German chocolate? I was ruined for all things Hersheys or Mars.

And the answer to your last question is Yes.

Bonsai said...

the answer is 42.

ohhh i learnt that in psychology!! not 42, i mean, we intrinsically have a preference for sweet tastes and a dislike for bitter/sour tastes because bitter/sour tastes are generally bad for us (eg poison) but sweet tasting things are generally good... cough, in moderation. nowadays sugary fatty stuff is too easy to come by. not like when we were hunter gatherers.