Sunday, August 30, 2009

snapshots, part II

Really old gravestones. The oldest don't have pretty cherubs or crosses, but gruesome looking skulls - fantastic!

Atmospheric light in cathedrals.

Things that I think are funny. Fusion of the old with the new.

War memorials. This is from the memorial to New Zealand soldiers who fought in the world wars. I love it.

Absurd militaristic rituals preserved - hooray!

Blackberries! Most of them much healthier specimens than these, available in public parks, and highly edible.


Sarakastic said...

I wonder if I went on one of those "Pimp My Ride" shows if they'd put a gargoyle on the tailpipe of the car...

LEstes65 said...

So cool! I for one, have recently found a renewed admiration for the preservation of absurd militaristic rituals. I would love to see this one. We never caught the changing of the guard when I was in London.

Stacy said...

Love the cathedral picture!