Sunday, June 04, 2006

car rally

Lucinda at the airport. The new Air New Zealand uniforms!
Jason and Pita washing my father's dishes.
Bill and Sati at Bill's organ.
Kirstie reading Pride and Prejudice.
Jason with the blue and orange wall.

We had a photo rally at youth group last night. It was pretty fun! I made up the clues for most of the teams, which were almost as fun writing as it was doing the actual car rally. The above photos were taken on my camera but by another team; luckily, they ended up with better photos than my team so I get to use them, heh heh. These are the clues:

- On a swing
- With a McDonald's worker... if possible wearing their hat
- Bill E---- playing his organ
- At Logoland in Riccarton Mall
- At the Princess Margaret Hospital entrance, looking ill
- Playing table tennis with Roger L-----
- With an innocent passerby and their dog
- With a poster of The Breakup, looking like Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston
- Washing David S------'s dishes
- With a Coke vending machine... somewhere
- At the Church Corner graveyard, looking ghostly
- At the entrance to Halswell Quarry
- With a blue and orange wall - hint: the mall
- With an airport official
- Reading Pride and Prejudice in Borders

I had fun putting my own little personal touch in there... hence the Pride and Prejudice cameo and washing my father's dishes. :) Some other groups did some cool stuff too - ie a sheet with which to look ghostly at the graveyard.

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Patty said...

this looks like SO much fun! i've got to arrange something like this sometime.