Friday, April 17, 2009

world travel without leaving your home

The highlight of having a new MacBook should be its operating system or its tiny lightweight design or its freedom from virus attack... but for me, it's the COMPLETELY FUN Photo Booth application!! And it got me thinking - all the agonising I've been doing about which European destination I should visit in September, and yet I don't really need to go at all! The world is at my fingertips here in Christchurch, and given that tourism these days seems to consist of getting photos of yourself in cool destinations, why leave home? Here I am in:

Athens. What an amazing place. Just so... amazing.
Here I am in Vienna. Notice my change in outfit for the colder clime. Try to refrain from noticing the not-so-perfect computer graphics.
And in Venice. My gosh, what a stunning spot; it was like my camera was permanently attached to my face.
After Venice I went a little further down the Italian coast to Amalfi. Where I sat on a roof for this photo. Highly recommended.
And here I am in Switzerland, marvelling at the Jungfrau. I did try braiding my hair for this location but it made me look like an eight-year-old so instead you can see how utterly blown away I am by this spectacular place.
Prague. I can't even try to explain what it's like to be in Prague. When you've been there, you'll understand. 
And here I am in Ephesus, Turkey. I'm not sure if the Apostle Paul ever imagined me standing here doing the V sign that all tourists seem to do...
In Red Square, Moscow. It was pretty cold, so it was lucky I brought my woolly hat, right?
Then on the way home, I popped back over to England, and happened to run into Jane Austen! What a coincidence. It doesn't exactly look like it in this photo, but she and I are good chums.


heidikins said...

Hahaha! That is fantastic.


Sarakastic said...

I wish I was Jane Austen's bff the Moscow pic is beyond adorable, they are all beyond adorable.

E. said...

You are extra-extra adorable in Moscow---it seems to fit you perfectly! (as, after all, it should :)

~Virginia~ said...

i'm sure jane was lovely company. probably not too chatty though...

Stacy said...

Whenever I get busy with work, I miss posts like these. *sigh*

I absolutely love it!

Jaime Babstock said...

OMG, Jane Austen is my favorite but all my fave authors are dead and British. I loved going to dead poets corner and my fave part of Spain, was the street performer who seriously didn't blink for a half hour. I stood there and waited. He really didn't blink and I swear his eyes were open.
Love your blog!