Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I've been tagged by the scintillating Stacy (I'm going through an alliteration phase, by the way).

1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123.
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people and post a comment to the person who tagged you once you’ve posted your three sentences.

It took me a while to carry out my tag because every time I went to the computer lab I forgot to carry a book with me - but my friend K. and I have been using this meme as an excuse to procrastinate, going through all our books, because obviously what page 123 says has deep spiritual meaning for us.

From The Princess Bride, by William Goldman:

But Inigo was not surprised for long. Again his feet shifted; he moved his body a different way. Perspiration was pouring down his thin frame now and the great blade was blinding.

Hmm. Apparently I am soon to fight a duel.

Let's try again. From Feminist Theory: A Critique of Ideology (gaahhh!):

The same scientist who allowed herself to become "part of the system", whose investigations were guided by a "feeling for the organism", developed a paradigm that diverged as radically from the dominant paradigm of her field as did her methodological style.

And yes, that's only one sentence but I think that's quite enough for today. Far be it from me to attempt interpreting that.

And again... The God That Failed, a book I am reading for my research with essays by six ex-Communists.

Many young writers had joined the club because of their hope of publishing in Left Front, and when the Communist Party sent word through the fraction that the magazine should be dissolved, the writers rejected the decision, an act which was interpreted as hostility toward Party authority.
I pleaded with the Party members for a more liberal program for the club. Feeling waxed violent and bitter.

Okay... I'm young, I'm a writer, I often feel violent and bitter... is someone trying to shut down Halfway Down the Stairs??


Sarakastic said...

I haven't read any of those, although I need to pick up The princess Bride, I too am in love with 123

LEstes65 said...

I decided to try it with 3 books laying in my office floor.

First, Lil' Bro's current favorite book, 'A Child Is Born' (with very graphic pics of emryo to birth):

"Both amniocentesis and chorionic villus sampling cent reliable answer, and - at least in the latter half of prenancy - an ordinary ultrasound scan usually yeilds the same information."

Yes, only one sentence, but like you - who could take more?

Now from one of Pokemon Boy's faves, 'A Guide to Dinosaurs' (and I'll tell you that he actually knows what a lot of these words mean):

"Other specimens of abelisaurids - probable relatives of the Jurassic ceratosaurids - were later discovered in Argentina, India and Madagascar."

Again, that's enough. And then from one I haven't started yet, 'The Power of a Praying Parent':

"It must be taught. And although we can do much to teach our children about living purely in the ways of the Lord and model this to the best of our ability, the real teacher is the Holy Spirit. Holiness begins with a love for Him."

Woah. Apparently, I need to read this book.

~Virginia~ said...

i currently have the princess bride on my to-be-read stack, but it's a hefty little sucker! i keep meaning to do this and am always at work unfortunately--computer access is sporadic at best at home. must remember to post!!