Saturday, July 15, 2006

am I dying?

I'm sure everyone can relate to this feeling; at least, I'm pretty sure most females can! You know when:

a) you have a headache --> you must have a brain tumour
b) you have slightly swollen glands --> you must have meningitis
c) your period is slightly late --> you must be pregnant (regardless of lack of sexual activity)
d) you're a little out of breath --> you're about to have a heart attack
e) your foot hurts --> you've got gangrene
f) etc. etc.

The weirdest thing about this phenomenon is that the more convinced you become of your own terminal illness, despite a massive lack of evidence, the more determined you are not to see a doctor because that would make it real.

Weird, eh?

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Patty said...


haha about c. i'll start seriously thinking, "now, how could i have gotten pregnant? hmmm..."

I've had some bumps before on the back of my head & I was sooo freaked out, but I would never go to the doctor unless someone dragged me there(me having to have fallen over unconscious first). I haven't been to the doctor in a year or 2. I rarely get sick, thankfully. the last time i was sick i had a horrid cough & bad allergies. took me a couple of weeks to recover, but I never even thought of going to the doctor-no way.