Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Greg and Finlay.
Dad, Greg and Viv at the park.
Viv and Finlay on the see-saw. I think these two fiddled-with photos look like the sort of thing the government would put on a brochure called "Working for Families" or something :)

Tonight I cast off the mantle of the past and venture forward into the bright, bright future!

[Translated: I have finally weedled my way out of having to play the hugest bass recorder in my recorder ensemble and I get to play tenor!!]

If you want the technical name for this instrument I have finally got rid of, it's called a sub-contra bass recorder in C. It goes as low as a cello. I have been The Player Of It at music for about three years or more now as no one else wants to learn the fingering, which is completely different to any other recorder (C fingering in bass clef), and this year I have begun to Tire. I want a change. I've loved playing it in the past and you certainly get a lot of attention with it (it's taller than me) but there comes a point where I'm sick of things and need a change. So, The Playing Of It has been given to a boy called Matt who will now have to figure out all the fingering. Hooray!

If you are reading this and wondering why on earth anyone would bother making more than one kind of recorder aka torture instrument - recorders are actually very beautiful instruments when played properly. Rather like violins in that sense.

Photos: some more fiddled with for your viewing pleasure.


Patty said...

poor matt. :)

i played the trombone for 3 years & piano for a lot longer, but if i was to play an instrument now, it would be the violin or fiddle.

what is Finlay holding onto in the 1st image?

ellesappelle said...

If you remember, there was a photo earlier of a redwood tree? That's a piece of bark he peeled off it :)