Monday, July 10, 2006


Lydia in lavender, matching the playground.
Lewis about to lower himself down the slide.
Lydia emerging from the covered section of the slide.
The rather cool steps up from the bottom of the slide to the top.

Yesterday afternoon Viv and family and Dad and I walked to a great playground with a long, fast slide and a river nearby at which you can feed ducks. So... more photos!

Today I started my second semester of university for the year. I always like the first week, it's quite exciting... but then, I wonder should I? Because I know very well that it will almost certainly lead to stressed and busy weeks in the near future! I guess it's wise to enjoy it while I can. I'm really excited about the class I started today: War and Society 1900-1945. Which means, basically, World Wars I and II. It is taught by my favourite lecturer ever, which makes such a huge difference to a class. I'm looking forward to starting a couple more classes tomorrow.


Daffy said...

(((((hugs))))) Pardon my American ignorance... what's the school schedule in NZ? We have first semester late August to mid December, second semester mid January to mid May.

ellesappelle said...

We-ell, you probably know that as NZ is in the southern hemisphere, our seasons are basically opposite to yours. Therefore, we have our long summer holidays over Christmas, and the school year is in sync with the year year, ie 2006! So semester 1 starts end of February and finishes in June; semester 2 starts July and finishes in November.

Daffy said...

Thanks. :) Great pics!

Patty said...

especially loved the 2nd image. good luck with school!