Thursday, October 25, 2007

the statcounter post

I've decided it's time for the Statcounter post in which I reveal my hidden (or perhaps not-so-hidden? You tell me) obsession with myself - I've been collecting for some time now the keywords people use to find me, and besides your average "homework essays on jane austin" googling, some are really quite amusing or just bizarre. So here we are:

- girls having sex in jandals
Probably the fault of this blog post.

- career options jane austen lover
No offence - but I'm not sure there are that many. Please let me know if I'm wrong.

- a whitebaiting song
.... huh? why?!

- johnny cash tea party

- many sleeps distance horse walk
... and how they got to my blog from there I am unsure.

- how to check the gender for a golf ball goldfish

- boys as brides

- baby has lopsided crawl
I'm not sure if my blog will give helpful and/or sound baby advice...

- karrakatta cemetery ghost

- damn you jane austen
- i detest jane austen
- kill jane austen
- why i dislike jane austen books
I obviously chose the wrong title for my blog.

- rogaine gwyneth paltrow
I have no idea why my number one most hated sport has anything whatsoever to do with Gwyneth Paltrow.

- diy bouncy balls
Fun but obscure.

- schick quattro treadmill girl
Poor delusional man.

- whinging matilda
Hear hear. Sorry Aussies.

- secrets and shames of white people

- everybody's free to wear sunscreen! U2 will get old
Separately, not so weird, but together - confusing train of thought.

- Bach is like cosmos
Sounds profound but I don't get it.

- soccer players in undies
Well if they found it on my site I'm not complaining.

- austen persuasion feelings unused
How exactly does one 'use' leftover feelings from Austen, anyway? I am completely in agreement with this person.

- notes to play hey there delilah on the alto recorder
Umm... I dig recorders, and Hey There Delilah's a nice song - but it's not exactly difficult, containing maybe four notes, and why specifically the alto recorder?

- help the blind, the wayne barnes
Obviously another bitter Kiwi.

There were also a large number of people who found their way to my blog via incorrect song lyrics such as Robbie Williams' 'Strong' turning from "my breath smells of a thousand fags" into "margaret smells of a thousand fags", or U2's 'Yahweh' from "take these shoes, click clacking down some dead end street" into "take me shoose Trish maybe make me clean". Did you know you were mentioned in U2 lyrics, Trish?

Besides the point - a small girl turned one today in this household. We are all very proud of her. She is still extremely cute and just getting funner and funner to be around as we watch her figure things out like standing on her own and taking (assisted) steps. I was up at 5:45 this morning for present-opening; am I not an impressive aunty?


Sarakastic said...

now that you've written this post you will rank #1 for such gems as johnny cash tea party. I've never pretended to understand other people but after looking at all of these search queries they scare me even more.

e. said...

I am feeling a bit better about myself, seeing as I found you through a "Brooke Fraser Day is Dimming" search. "Bach is like cosmos"? Really?

Tusk said...

I found you from an insanely long and convoluted bloglink crawl. It was worth it.
A Kiwi who likes U2, Jane Austen and Regina Spektor? How could anyone *not* stick around!?

LEstes65 said...

I need to check my statcounter site. I haven't done so lately. I get pretty predictable searches sending them to my site. I fear far too many people looking for Tourette's support are being disappointed with my whining about bad backs and bad husbands. HA!

JenKneeBee said...

i love the rogaine gwenyth paltrow one. Maybe someone thought she was going bald?

Beck said...

Happy birthday to your neice! And those are some bizarre google searches. All I ever get are people looking for frog care tips or cupcake recipes.