Monday, October 08, 2007

re last post...

Since the All Blacks lost their game with France and are now out of the World Cup, New Zealanders world over have been wallowing in self-pity and trying to find scapegoats - such as the English referee Wayne Barnes who remained strangely blind to French errors yet penalised New Zealand for any little aberration, and no, I'm not bitter.

Anyway, yesterday's post was going to be my only rugby one but then I saw some of the listings on TradeMe, New Zealand's form of eBay:

AB2007 personalised license plate.

"Four More Bloody Years! Bugger! We Choked!" - Holy Crap - Is Wayne Barnes Blind? History has repeated itself, and the All Blacks have lost to France. It may be hard but these may help heal your pain! These BADGES are Big 57mm badges reading:
It's just a stupid cup (I'm dying inside)
Four More Bloody Years
I love the Rotation Policy
I love the Conditioning Period
Wayne Barnes is a wanker

ALL BLACKS FLAG - LIMP AND WET. Flag is no longer required. Limp like the effort of the team it represents. Wet - like the wet fish of a ref we had to endure. Happy Bidding!

6 A+ Grade Nike Super far golf balls with "All Blacks: We Wus Robbed" printed.

COMPOSURE - Second hand excess composure. Left over from the All Blacks World Cup campaign. Useful for playing minor international rugby teams. However not recommended for playing major international rugby teams, for assistence in these matters please see my other listings as there is plenty of unused All Black passion and adrenaline.

And apparently some bright spark has put up the All Blacks team itself for trade.


JenKneeBee said...

i have to say, I don't really understand the game of rugby. at all. but i did meet someone from new zealand today and it made me think of you :)

LEstes65 said...

If you know anything about the Boston Red Sox (baseball) 80-some-odd year string of failures in the finals, you know I feel your pain.