Saturday, August 26, 2006

hollywood here I come

This evening at youth group we are going to be making movies! What fun. We'll be splitting into two teams, one doing a Tragedy and one a Romance. The way I've planned it, I've got six different categories they'll be given (Hero, Heroine, Problem, Setting, Props, Line) and they'll pick an option out of a hat for each, so as to get a nice random plot! These are the options I've thought of:

-a hitman
-a funeral director
-a very romantic poet
-a cowboy
-an Australian crocodile hunter

-a supermodel
-an air hostess with a twitchy eye
-a fortune teller
-a dental nurse
-an Italian opera singer who doesn't speak much English
-a scientist who has just discovered a dangerous chemical that terrorists want

-aliens kidnap one of them
-the world is about to end
-bubonic plague/bird flu/some other deadly disease
-their families are opposed to their love
-one has been arrested for a crime they didn't do

-on a beach in the moonlight
-a bar in the Wild West
-a cruise ship
-a desert island
-an airplane heading for Madagascar
-another planet

Props (of which they have to choose three, and for the Tragedy genre, one has to be a murder weapon)
-a photograph
-a clock
-a thermos
-a suitcase
-a torch
-a box of tissues
-a cushion
-an apple
-a doll
-a handkerchief
-a cellphone

Line (which they have to use somewhere in the movie)
-"My name is ____, you killed my father, prepare to die."
-"Go ahead, make my day."
-"Nooooooo! Why me, God, why me?!"
-"Luuuuuuke [or other such name]... I am your father..."
-"The day may come when men will faint in the face of the enemy, but it is not this day."

So yeah! I hope it works out. If everyone's feeling shy it won't work at all but if not it should be very funny.


Patty said...

Bravo! Great job in organizing everything!!!

The last 2 lines were funny because I just finished watching the LOTR trilogy with my sister last week(I am assuming the last line is from Lord of the Rings. Correct me if I'm wrong) & have been watching all the Star Wars movies with my brother over a period of time(we finished the 5th one yesterday).

I hope everyone is feeling up to making the movie & doesn't care about acting silly or crazy.

I love moviemaking. I've made one movie called, A Lie, and started filming the sequel called, The Truth, and have written part of the script for the third. I don't have a lot of time to devote to this passion, but whenever I can, I'd love to finish my movie trilogy.

Please post the results of your movie! :D

P.S. Love the photo! ...& my website should be done by this Sunday. Even if I don't have everything how I'd like, I still think I'm going to tell everyone about it then.

ellesappelle said...

We-ell, it went really well! It started off a bit slowly and I was worried it wouldn't work but by the time we got going people got really into it! I was in the Romance group: we got funeral director, air hostess with a twitchy eye, cruise ship, one of them gets arrested for something they didn't do, and "go ahead, make my day". The Tragedy group got Aussie crocodile hunter, supermodel, moonlit beach, their parents are opposed, and the Lord of the Rings line!

So basically, they were very funny, though very amateur, movies!

That's really interesting to hear about your movie making! What a great hobby. You must be such a creative person.

Speaking of movies, have you seen Thank You For Smoking? I saw it last night and it was the funniest movie I've seen in a while. So brilliant. :)

slskenyon said...

That is an absolutely great idea. You could use that premise to create a story, too--well, I mean a written short story--I am sure a piece of drama does qualify as a story. You'll have to follow up on what happens and who chooses what.

ellesappelle said...

Yeah, it would be great for a writing exercise. I'd probably have to try it with some more serious options if I was to make it a serious story though! Good idea. I shall try it out. Aren't holidays great? (One week left.)

Patty said...

Nope, I haven't yet watched Thank You For Smoking, but I will make an effort to go see it when time allows.

Creative, but I never seem to have enough time to do everything I'd like, so some great projects get shelved.

Btw, I thought your movie idea was so super cool, I told my mom all about it earlier. :)

My new website:

Chad Oneil said...

Just came apon your site through other links. I think U2 is pretty cool as well. I've been checking out a lot of videos of them on "youtube" lately. Here's a link to one I've been watching and listening to right now as I type this:

Johnny Cash is cool too, I liked the move "Walk the Line", I'm sure you've seen it.

Take care.