Saturday, August 19, 2006

a saga of a mouse

My father, who enjoys writing little books to send to his grandchildren, has recently been inspired by my mouse woes. Here is the result. (I hope you can read it - if not, try clicking on it to get to a larger version.)


slskenyon said...

Unfortunately, that didn't work for me (clicking on it to enlarge the picture). However, I think it is great that he writes such stories. I am sure it is very amusing and cleverly done--at least the pictures make that apparent.

Patty said...

to slskenyon: just click the image or open it in another window, then point your mouse over the lower right corner of the image until a square button appears(click the button) that allows you to expand the image to its actual size.

Allie, tell your father I love his sense of humor! :) & I'd love to see more of his stories in the future.

Patty said...

to slskenyon: meant to say the above works if you're using Internet Explorer, but if you're using Firefox, you should just be able to click the image on the main page, then click anywhere on the image again to make it larger. hope that helps, but i'm not sure what type of browser you use.