Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Top 5

I have been inspired by JenKneeBee's splendiferous list to make myself a list of Top 5 Guys, as in actors. It took a little thinking. I will admit that some of them are very predictable choices. But a few are possibly not. Here we go:

1) Of course, Colin Firth was always going to be number 1. No one could ever surpass his performance of Mr Darcy. His limpid deep eyes, his shaggy brown locks, his general air of I-don't-give-a-damn... The scene pictured to the left would have to be about my favourite scene of a movie ever when it comes to wanting to undepress myself.

2) Ahh, Antonio Banderas. As well as being a rather cool Puss in Boots which shows he has a sense of humour and can do cool choking-cat sounds, he can do roles like Che in Evita and sing as if he wasn't really an actor. And then, Zorro was just so cheesily fun, and anybody who has Anthony Hopkins as their elder mentor-figure could hardly help being great!

3) Johnny Depp. As he is rather a popular choice currently, I decided to avoid pictures of Captain Jack Sparrow and go for the scarily lovable Edward Scissorhands. But really, whatever he does, he is just so cool, and so versatile, and so clever, and so good-looking that I could have got any picture off the net and put it up here... I just happen to love Edward Scissorhands! (Allright, so I don't think Edward Scissorhands is necessarily great-looking... he did make me love him though!)

4) Jean Reno is my secret crush. He's so French looking and so symmetrical. Just being French and having a great accent makes him jump up the list, but I think it's his symmetricality that is his greatest asset.

5) Okay, so Tom Hanks is balding and he looks like your average elder brother, but is there anyone better to ride off into the sunset with? I wouldn't admit it to most people, but I liked You've Got Mail better than The Passion of the Christ. And I always cry in his chick flick movies and want him to get together with Meg Ryan. And he's such a great actor in other movies, like (obviously) Forrest Gump or Road to Perdition or The Ladykillers any other ones like that.

Scarily, all these men are at least double my age. :)


JenKneeBee said...

First of all, older men are hot! Secondly, I LOVE that you put Jean Reno on here. So quirky. And third, I have to admit that Colin Firth is the honorable mention on my list. So very dreamy...

Trish Ryan said...

You're so right about Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Perfection. But Banderas has always given me the creeps...not sure why.

Your choices show a nice range - it will be fun to see what "type" of guy you marry (I wonder if Tom might not make a better husband than Colin? Honestly - after the first week or so, who has patience for all that brooding?) :)

ukrainiandiva said...

Oh my gosh, Colin Firth AND Antonio Banderas? And a picture of Antonio Banderas as CHE no less?! If you had Rufus Sewell on here (which would, granted, be very random) I think I'd declare you my soulmate.

Excellent list. Huzzah!