Saturday, December 09, 2006


That title is not supposed to be as morbid as it sounds. Instead, as I scanned some of the Ship of Fools website this morning I came across some more "gadgets for God" that should be shared. When you pass on, why not get your family to buy you a Talking Tombstone? Or how about a Glow Grave? Or if you have lost someone special, why not send an Afterlife Telegram? For only $5 a word, we will find a terminally ill patient for you who will hunt down your loved one beyond the grave and pass on the message to them.

As may be guessed from this, I am having a rather boring day. I should be writing an essay but I just can't be bothered, so I'm doing everything else - washing the dishes, tidying the house, dusting, for goodness' sake. I may even go completely overboard and vacuum! My dad isn't coming back for another week and a bit, so I don't need to do this until Friday at least... but this is the sort of thing that always gets done when it's a choice of essay-writing or housework.

Actually, I'm having a bit of a direction crisis over my English papers. I haven't done any actual Literature papers since first year, until now, and over the last year I think I must have lost a lot of my Englishy leanings. I love History a lot more and I can analyse things in a much more sophisticated way in History essays. With this English essay I'm having trouble saying anything that doesn't sound banal.

Photos: this is why mowing the lawn should be avoided - it makes for nice photos. I have, at least, mowed the lawns where people can see them. But there seems to be no good reason to mow the lawns that only I can see, at least until my father gets back.


Anonymous said...

Those Gadgets for God are seriously creepy.

I'd give you some interesting links to keep you occupied but I haven't come across any funny websites recently.

I majored in English and history, but I graduated knowing I was more of an English major at heart than a history major. (But it's also possible that your English classes this semester haven't been interesting enough to meet Allie standards of excellence and that next semester will be better.)

Anonymous said...
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