Monday, February 28, 2005

There are organisms crawling round on my metaphorical plastic-thingy-that-people-use-in-science

Wow for the first time I find there is life on my blog. It is very inspiring. I find myself actually wanting to write something on here again. I am back, everyone!!!! :)

Here I am at university. I'm hopelessly confused most of the time. Still trying to figure out how to get myself to places without arriving half an hour late or something. I love most of my classes - this semester I'm doing Medieval Europe, American Literature, and The English Language (a Linguistics course). Next semester I'll be doing Shakespeare, American History, Roman History, and French Film. <--- that's my fun one. Luckily I have friends in all my classes which makes me very happy and much more relaxed. I'm even enjoying homework; pathetic eh?
Sorry if I've been through that before, I can't remember doing so but I'm pretty sure I haven't.

I had better go, I have an appointment with the Careers Advisor but I will be back soon now that I feel like it!!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

well that's that

I'm shifted in now. The computer is working, the tv is going, the dvd player is plugged in. The stereo still doesn't go though. It looks better in the house with all our familiar furniture but I drove past home tonight on the way back to the new house from a party, and even though I couldn't see any lights on or any people, that was pretty hard. It's just difficult telling yourself that you can never go back inside. That someplace that fits you so well is no longer your property, your right.

I was really quite a wreck on the day. I think that it was truthfully one of the worst days of my life. I know it sounds pathetic when you think about all the sorrow there is in the world, but that's how it felt.

U2 helped. I got into the car after my second bout of tears and coincidentally, Walk On was the next song to play on my mix of U2 songs that I always have playing. It helped me so much; everything Bono sang seemed to be directed straight at me. Everything he said was relevant. It was really what I needed to hear. He understood how hard it was but he told me firmly that I needed to walk on and be strong. Sounds corny and trite when I try to explain it now but it was unbelievable. That is an example of a song changing someone's life, even if in a minor way; since then I've been okay, if sad.

Just to bend in a completely different direction, I finally bought the Live from Boston DVD - from the Elevation tour. It's amazing. I love it.

Had a scary experience tonight when a friend told me someone else told her that U2 are splitting up. I actually started crying; pathetic, eh? But I've had a look on the internet and haven't seen anything to do with it, not even rumours, so it must just be a very local rumour. If it is true... I'll be so upset. I'll HAVE to go to their tour, fly to Australia to see them live, if it's the last chance I've got. I've seen the Slane Castle and Boston concerts a few times and every time, I know that someday I HAVE to see them live.