Tuesday, April 03, 2007

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LEstes65 (of Tourette's Mom) has been so kind as to write me a fantastic selection of interview questions (if you want to see her own interview, look here)! So here goes:

1. Here's a two parter: Which character in 'A Room With A View' represents you most and which one represents the way you wish you were?
Wow. That is a fantastic question. The second part is the more obvious to me - Lucy Honeychurch, of course. She's just cool and gorgeous and she plays the piano incredibly well. I want to be the sort of piano player that provokes comments like the Reverend Mr Eager's, that he wished I lived as I played! It wouldn't hurt to live in a beautiful sprawling house in the English countryside, either, or to have a fun brother and an enchanted lake.
As for the first part, I have the cast list from 'A Room With A View' in front of me. I've been scanning it in hopes of finding someone more like myself, but I very much fear that the closest I can come to finding such a character is - Charlotte Bartlett. *throws head into pillow and cries*

2. If this were a perfect world and you had limitless money, resources and time - what kind of music would you make and with what instrument? Another difficult question! I think I would start off on the piano. I would practice Eastern European music and then I would learn the violin. Yes, I know I was slightly cruel to the violin three blog posts ago but I have to admit it's a pretty good instrument. Then I would go somewhere like Hungary and get involved in some dimly-lit music scene that involves fast music, beer, and great chords. Then I would go to Ireland and learn how to fiddle the Irish way, and drink Guinness. I would return to New Zealand and teach children to play folk music. (I don't actually like beer but from all accounts European beer is something different, and anyway, I can't imagine playing folk music without drinking beer!) Edit: I would also go to the Hague and learn how to play the recorder as beautifully as it can be done. I would learn how to do real piano jazz.

3. Jane Austen is writing a book with you as her heroine. Which member of U2 does she fix you up with and why? Best question EVER!! Well, to start with, I would have a huge crush on the Edge. I would stand in absurd awe of his musical talent, and he wouldn't notice me at all. Meanwhile, Adam Clayton would stand on the sidelines, slowly but steadily falling in love with me, and suffering great pangs of heartache that I loved one so unworthy as the Edge. Then I would fall over a cliff, and the Edge wouldn't notice because he was too busy working out the chords for a new riff, but Adam would plunge over to save me, awaking my passion for him, and all would live happily ever after. (This heartwarming story doesn't mention Bono, because he would be in Africa, nor Larry, because he's too pretty and sullen.)

4. If humans were spotted, stripped, blotched, etc., like cats and dogs can be - what would your pattern be? Definitely stripped. That's much more stylish. I don't want to be a blotchy human. Stripes, however, are slimming. :)

5. What is your guilty pleasure? And I mean real guilty - don't wimp out here. I'm sorry to say that I don't actually have a majorly guilty pleasure, ie, I smoke cocaine and take steroids before athletics competitions and have my own sweatshop. But I have lots of naughty little pleasures that make me feel, overall, quite guilty most of the time, such as:
- I like to complain. And get attention. As you've probably all noticed (see two blog posts ago).
- I like chocolate a little too much. And lollies. And cake. And anything else with sugar or fat in it.
- I love spending money. A day will feel slightly weird if I haven't spent anything. I think my whole childhood was spent dreaming about the glorious future in which I would have more than twenty cents a week to spend, and now I'm compensating for those dreams.
- I fantasise about things that will happen to me in the future. It is especially enjoyable to think of my own death and how sorry everyone will be, or to imagine getting incurable diseases. I also like to think up witty rejoinders to statements that no one has ever said to me, nor will ever say to me.
- I like to wallow. In misery, tiredness, etc. It's a bit boring to be perfectly happy and relaxed.
- I'm very, very irritable when at my most honest. My dad will attest to this.
- People think I'm very calm, but I'm actually a seething mass of resentment.

So there you have it. My first interview. Thanks, LEstes65!


LEstes65 said...

Oh my goodness, can I tell you how much this post made me laugh? And I was pleasantly surprised that I had guessed Lucy Honeychurch (I went by the moniker "Lucia" for a time after that movie came out but, alas, I did not become like her!). Charlotte Bartlett threw me. Can't picture that.

I love the Edge/Ellesappelle/Adam love story. I laughed, I cried, it was better than 'Cats'.

I can't believe I wrote "stripped" in stead of "striped". DOH!

Your naughty little pleasures make you even more wonderful. I think quite a few of us are quite a bit like you in those!

Awesome interview!!!

Sarakastic said...

Way to not take the obvious bono choice, very admirable, & you are great at interviews, you should see about becoming famous

Stacy said...

Well, being stripped so much more attention-getting than being striped.

I love it! Especially the last answer. I can relate, being a bit more moody than people give me credit for. On Sunday, one of my pastors actually used the word "gentle" to describe me. I had to wonder exactly what Stacy he thought he had in his class.

I wanted to let you know that I was thinking about you the other day. I was watching Sound of Music and I thought it would've been more fun if we lived in the same city (or continent).

Stacy said...

Oh, one more thing. Are you going to be passing interview questions on to people who request them? If so, I'd like some. I can't think of a thing to blog about!

ellesappelle said...

LEstes65: Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks again for the questions, they were really fun! The 'stripped' thing - I assumed Americans just spelt 'striped' differently or something!

Sara: Good idea!

Stacy: It's weird, isn't it? I wouldn't consider you as gentle at all (I don't mean that in a bad way!), nor would I consider myself 'serene', as one lady at church called me last week! I will get thinking about some questions for you. I want them to be good ones though so it may take a day or so!

JenKneeBee said...

Ooh! The edge/allie/adam story was fantastic! You might want to think about expanding that into a real novel. Thereby becoming famous and taking Sarakastic's suggestion :)