Sunday, April 08, 2007

rugby is overrated

I picked up yesterday's newspaper this morning and spent about three minutes groaning in agony at the latest act of stupidity of sportsmen. So - the Rugby World Cup is going to be hosted by New Zealand in 2011. Rugby is apparently our national game - I have to admit it is a lot more interesting to watch than cricket, at the very least, and has lots of buff specimens of men running round in hot black uniforms - but the obsessive lengths some go to regarding rugby makes me want to tear my hair out. Who really cares that much?! Not me, at least.

So when the Press's front page article talked about the new rugby laws created for the World Cup, I just wanted to give the politicians a kick up the backside. New Zealand now has an official Rugby World Cup Minister in Cabinet. Oh yeah, we're a real serious country of high importance in the global community. There are now laws banning streaking and pitch invasion. If you streak at a World Cup match, you could go to prison for three months or pay up to $5000. What is the world coming to?! It's not like rugby is that interesting all on its own! The government is also considering changing our Daylight Saving changeover dates, which usually coincide with the World Cup, because poor little foreigners might get confused.

Ugh. 2011 is not looking at all promising.

[By the way, this is a picture of my father by the Bealey River.]


LEstes65 said...

Countries can be like parents at times. You love to be "of" them sometimes and other times you tell everyone you're adopted. At least your leaders aren't walking around invading every country that pisses them off.

I will remember not to streak at the World Cup - should I ever be near it.

ukrainiandiva said...

I can't streak at the World Cup? Drat. I'll have to replan my entire 2011 schedule now!

How inconvenient.

ellesappelle said...

LEstes65: I had never thought of that similarity before but you're absolutely right!

Jessica: I know! What were they thinking?

Stacy said...

I say do it anyway. We can get a big group of us women bloggers and we'll all streak. We just have to figure which blogger seems most likely to get us all out of jail.