Monday, April 02, 2007

U2 Top 20 - April 2007

You probably will not remember, or have seen this, but last April, I made a list on here of my top twenty U2 songs at the time [see here]. It's time to do it again! I'm interested to see how it has changed.

1) Running to Standstill - I've always loved this but it hops up to first position after seeing it on the Sydney ZooTV DVD... it was... wow!
2) Kite
3) Original of the Species
4) Desire
5) Love is Blindness - this choice is also affected by the ZooTV DVD.
6) Bad
7) Discotheque
8) One - number one last year is now number eight... I think I've listened to it too often! But I still love it!
9) All I Want is You
10) Walk On
11) The Saints are Coming (with Green Day) - this was the best rock song released last year, in my opinion!
12) One Tree Hill
13) Yahweh
14) In A Little While
15) Window in the Skies
16) Grace
17) Miss Sarajevo - I saw this live, and Bono sang the Pavarotti part - surprisingly well!
18) Angel of Harlem - I never used to like this, but it was one of the coolest songs at the concert I went to. Completely transformed my opinion of it.
19) All Because of You
20) Numb

I had to chop fourteen songs off my list to narrow it down to twenty, so I will give special mention to seven of them: Gone. The Hands that Built America. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me. Where the Streets Have No Name. Exit. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own. Pride (In the Name of Love).

Top 10 Live Songs:
1) The Saints Are Coming - from my own experience at the Auckland concert in November 2006.
2) Where the Streets Have No Name - from experience and from every DVD I've ever watched.
3) Love is Blindness - ZooTV DVD
4) Running to Standstill - ZooTV DVD
5) One - Slane Castle DVD, own experience
6) All I Want is You - Slane Castle DVD
7) The Fly - own experience, Boston DVD
8) Angel of Harlem - own experience
9) Kite - own experience, Boston DVD
10) Wake Up Dead Man - Slane Castle DVD

Phew, I wouldn't recommend doing this. It's like chopping limbs off your baby, or words off your essay (which, by the way, I have succeeded in doing - 900 words are gone without leaving anything crucial out! Hooray!).


LEstes65 said...

Hmmmm...this makes me feel like pulling a few of their CDs out. I love October, Boy, Joshua Tree...Actually, I think I like them all. I love your list. Love the old pic of the youngsters.

LEstes65 said...

Oh...and here are your interview questions:

1. Here's a two parter: Which character in 'A Room With A View' represents you most and which one represents the way you wish you were?

2. If this were a perfect world and you had limitless money, resources and time - what kind of music would you make and with what instrument?

3. Jane Austen is writing a book with you as her heroine. Which member of U2 does she fix you up with and why?

4. If humans were spotted, stripped, blotched, etc, like cats & dogs can be - what would your pattern be?

5. What is your guilty pleasure? And I mean real guilty - don't wimp out here.