Monday, April 03, 2006

Ta da da daaaa

Well. This weekend I have been indulging my list-making mania, and I present you with [insert drum roll here] the 2006 list of Allie's Favourite U2 songs!! I am planning to do this again next April and see how it changes. Reading this, I cannot help but see just how piteous my life is. :)

1. One
2. Walk On
3. In A Little While
4. All I Want Is You
5. Desire
6. Bad
7. Running to Standstill
8. One Tree Hill
9. Numb
10. Pride (In the Name of Love)
11. Yahweh
12. The Hands That Built America
13. Original of the Species
14. Where the Streets Have No Name (and this won the special Best Live song award)
15. Beautiful Day
16. Discotheque
17. 40
18. Until the End of the World
19. Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own
20. New Year's Day

And honourable mentions go to: Exit, Miss Sarajevo, Grace, With or Without You, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, New York, and Kite. It was actually very hard to decide all this and there's still some I'm not exactly sure on--but as a general idea, it works! The first six are very very close and I had real trouble separating them out.

I had a go at deciding what my favourite Jane Austen books are but wasn't quite so exciting because I already basically knew the order and there's not that many!

1. Persuasion
2. Pride and Prejudice
3. Emma
4. Sense and Sensibility
5. Northanger Abbey
6. Mansfield Park

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Angie said...

On the U2 list, I definitely agree with the first two. Origin of the Species might be #3 for (it can movie me to tears). I don't attempt numbering them after that.

As to the Austen list, it's a toss up which book I like better--P&P or Persuasion. I always pick P&P because it's longer AND I make a point of reading it every year.

I saw you on the newbie board at RoP! I'm also rather obsessed with Jane and U2, but I think Jane wins out every time--I'm making my career out of her work. But Bono, not Jane Austen, is my hero!