Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Happy Easter, everyone. I like Easter; I guess mostly because it's a time when one can't help be reminded of what Jesus did for one... sometimes a pretty nice and timely thing to be reminded of. (Excuse my understatement.) We had a Good Friday service at my church this morning, a joint service with an Anglican church that's nearby us. It was really nice to do a bit more mixing with other denominations and get a taste of their format of things (eg we all said the Lord's Prayer out loud, which we hardly ever do at my church; that was lovely). Usually we do stuff with other Open Brethren churches and between you and me, I'm a bit sick of jokes about Pentecostals. :)

This afternoon I went to the beach with my aunty, uncle and grandmother. It's been a beautiful day here; I love April. We just wandered the length of Sumner beach, watched a few kite surfers, all the dogs, and everyone out enjoying the holiday.

As you can see, I tried taking a few photos of the kite surfers. I've never seen so many out before; there were about fifteen in all. I got a few photos of them flying through the air as they took jumps but none of them worked that great. I was really disappointed the photo of the little girl was so blurry. (That's why it's so small; hopefully it's clearer!) I might go back tomorrow or another fine day and try and get some more photos because there was a lot of really interesting stuff going on there.

On Sunday afternoon my dad and I are going off to Arthur's Pass for two nights. Arthur's Pass is our classic family holiday/day-trip destination. It's a national park, and one of the only ways to get from the east coast to the west coast. We're going to climb mountains and ride bikes... not so much a me thing but I always enjoy it, and at the very least feel a better person because of it. :) I made Dad promise we wouldn't be biking up or down mountains; I find mountain-biking so frightening and besides, I'd die of exhaustion before we'd been going five minutes.

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Patty said...

Any photo is better than no photo.

It really could have been a lot worse(not that I'm saying it's bad, because I'm not). I think it looks great for a slightly blurry photo. I actually like some types of blurry photos.

Try steadying the camera on your knee after kneeling down. Or rest one of your elbows on a rock, placing the camera on your palm, taking the photo with the other hand. Experiment. The photo would still probably turn out blurry no matter what.

You can buy a tripod for $20(U.S.), but I don't know if you'd want to carry it around. Sometimes by the time you get it set up, the photo opportunity has past. I don't carry mine around, because I'm usually out in the sun. If I was going somewhere where I knew it would be low light, I'd take my tripod.

Although it could look better, be happy with the photo you have. I am.