Friday, April 14, 2006

provinicial chambers

Yesterday I went for a wander round the old Canterbury Provinicial Chambers - they're the old council buildings for Christchurch city, and I have never been into them before, despite spending my whole life in Christchurch. How weird is that. Because they are really cool, very old (well, old for New Zealand, anyway) and very pretty. I never had any idea, before, that you were allowed to go into them, but they're open every day, free admission. I had trouble taking photos because it was dim inside for the most part, so using the flash was too extreme, and not using it was not quite good enough. But here are some of the ones I liked, and I'll put more up later too.

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Patty said...

There are so many places I've never been to before or haven't been to in ages where I live, even though I've lived in this small town, in the same house for 20 years.

I think, when you have a camera, you have more of a reason to go exploring than someone without a camera.

I'm always trying to find new places in my town to go to with my camera. Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll be going to a chocolate store, eat lunch there & take a tour.