Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I went for a walk this morning, taking my camera plus a few squares of multi-coloured cellophane... makes for quite a striking result, does it not? I'm not sure if I exactly like it but I think it's quite cool really... will post a few more later. I found the red cellophane made the hugest difference, whereas blue hardly none at all, and yellow and orange a little bit of difference. (The second photo is blue + red.)

Have been writing notes on Aleksandra Kollontai (Bolshevik feminist) for three or four hours; got so sick of it I went and photocopied the rest of the pages that were relevant. That's the problem with these huge biographies of people--there's too much information!

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Patty said...

these photos are so cool. i've never tryed anything like this. i doubt my camera would allow it, but i'll do some experimenting later on tonight.

and good luck with all your research, notes & school!