Saturday, April 08, 2006

the entrance to Hell

Scary picture huh? It's weird because in normal colour it's the prettiest little church door thing ever... but here it looks like the opening to Hell.

Yay for holidays! I am now officially on my mid-semester break, a wonderful three weeks of near-freedom... well, maybe not freedom exactly when I have an essay due first day back... but a lot less restrictions, anyway! I have no plans whatsoever at the moment. I might be going to Dunedin to visit my sister and her family, and a few friends I have there, but at this stage, probably not. Dad wants to go away to Arthur's Pass for a night which I admit would be great but it doesn't really tie in with my whole image of blobbing all holidays. :) I think I'll go with him if he does go, though. Arthur's Pass is the coolest place.

I had an odd dream last night that Colin Firth married my sister. Hmmm. It was very strange. We got to go to the premiere of one of his movies. Doesn't sound that odd, but in the dream everything felt very strange...

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Patty said...

ahhh!.....scary picture, especially combined with the title.

lucky sister, although my celebrity crush is still Joaquin Phoenix...oh and, because i watched some of his movies lately...Vin Diesel.