Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Arthur's Pass

How's this for a view out your bedroom window in the morning? [Insert big plug for the Bealey Hotel here]
This was taken from halfway up the Bealey Spur track. Glorious views from the highest point, but I'll post photos of those when I get my film developed.
Castle Hill--hard to take a photo that shows just how big and cool this place is. It's very like the area where they filmed the battle scenes for the film Narnia, but on a much bigger scale. (Flock Hill, where they filmed Narnia, is actually very close to Castle Hill.)

Well, I'm back from Arthur's Pass! Had a great time, of course. We took both bikes up with us on the back of the car, which made us look very sporty, but we didn't actually end up using them...! :) Oh well, we did do a big walk yesterday, up Bealey Spur (see middle photo), and we did a lot of other little walks just as we saw something that interested us... ie we went up to Castle Hill (as shown in bottom photo), which I've driven past hundreds of times and never actually walked up to, or we walked down the railway lines for about three quarters of an hour on the way back. We stayed at the Bealey Hotel (which is really a motel, with the BEST views of any motel I've ever stayed in-see top photo).

I used my 'real' (ie film) camera most of the time, just as it's easier to use on the go; turn on-point-click-bang, whereas the digital is more like turn on-wait-wait-wait-point-click-wait-wait-wait-it's there. I also have a feeling my film camera is better with colour; my digital camera seems to make Arthur's Pass always look very brown and dull when there's much more colour in reality. So I have to wait for a couple of days while the film is developed before I can see most of my photos. I tried to take a few on the digital camera though... as you can see.
By the way, I went busking again on Saturday with Louise, and we made 1000% more money (=$10) in half the time! Yay for us. $10 still isn't loads but we've found a much better place now and if we play for longer, we'll make more easily.


Patty said...

my eyes popped open when i saw the 1st photo! quite the view!!! wonderful photos!

no bikes? shame on you. i love biking. i go on 2 bike rides every night, 4-5 nights a week. i should start rollerblading more & try running.

did you get to see them filming for narnia???

i watched the movie with my sister a week or so ago. i loved the end, but i wanted it to go on forever. it was like waking from a perfect dream. :(

Did you hear, they're coming out with Prince Caspian next year? I hope they do the 3rd, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, my fav. book ever(although, sadly i don't read many books).

ellesappelle said...

Yes, I know it's bad that we didn't use the bikes... :( It just turned out that whenever we thought we might, it started pouring with rain!

No, I didn't see them filming Narnia. It was on the news and in the papers and stuff, cos in NZ we make a big deal about this stuff, as with Lord of the Rings. I actually watched the dvd today (having bought it yesterday)--I still think it was great. Lucy is just so cute :)

That's very cool that The Voyage of the Dawn Treader's your favourite book. The Narnia Chronicles are definitely on my most-loved list. I think my favourite one is The Magician's Nephew. I'm glad to hear Prince Caspian is coming out, I hope they do the whole series! Don't worry, I'm sure if they're doing Prince Caspian they'll do the Dawn Treader.