Friday, April 28, 2006

essayed out

I have got two more days of holidays before I go back to university, and I'm spending them writing this blimming essay. It is quite satisfying when I finish a paragraph or section, I admit, but the rest of the time I'm either making myself continue working or feeling guilty because I'm not working. I think when I've finished it I'll have to post it up here as a trophy of my hard work over the last few weeks. :)

It was Anzac Day on Tuesday, which is, I suppose, one of New Zealand's two major holidays. Anzac is basically a mixture of the words Australia and New Zealand and is the name that refers to the Antipodean men who fought in the World Wars and other wars like Vietnam. It's our day for remembering their sacrifices. I like Anzac Day. I was planning to get up early (ie around 5:15am) and go to a dawn service, but when I woke up it was absolutely bucketing down with rain and somehow getting up didn't seem that tempting!

A couple of photos: Top, at a sister's house for a meal when my sister and brother-in-law came down from Auckland. Dad gazing at one of the outdoor candle thingys while Tony, a brother-in-law, cooks on the barbecue. Bottom, another brother-in-law, Mike, when we realised the flowers were right behind his head.


slskenyon said...

I completely understand the essay feeling--I just finished two of them myself as well as a few tests in the meantime. I can't tell you how great the feeling is when it is all over and you can do anything with your time. Nice pictures--the top one was very interesting given the lighting effect.

Patty said...

Surprisingly enough, when I first saw this, I didn't even notice the flowers coming out of his head, until I read the post. :)

how can one tear oneself away from a cozy bed to greet the rain(when one isn't required to be somewhere)? And especially at 5:15a.m.!!! :)