Thursday, April 20, 2006

some more photos

The view from the top of the track up the Bealey Spur.
From the railway tracks as we walked along, on Tuesday.
My father--as we sat at the top of the Bealey Spur, having lunch, sheltering from the rain and wind behind a tree.
Evening falls. From the Waimakariri riverbed, where I was having a stroll after dinner (you can basically walk out the motel door and be by the riverbed).

Here's some more pictures from Arthur's Pass; I got both films back today. I wasn't quite so happy with them as I could have been but some turned out really well.

I especially like the bottom one, I think. I love the Waimakariri river, it's beautiful. It braids its way down from the mountains across the plains to Christchurch, where I live. We get our water from it, and it is so pure that it doesn't need to be treated, after filtering through all the gravel on the way down. The best water in the world, in my opinion! No yucky chlorine taste. :)


slskenyon said...

Those are some fantastic photos. I love how you caught the whole scene--the sky, the hills, the water. Absolutely beautiful.

ellesappelle said...

Thanks a lot, slskenyon! I have to admit, however, that it's not hard to take beautiful photos of places like that. :)

Patty said...

Very gorgeous scenery! Did you get any photos of the train tracks you were walking on? Do trains still use them? You have to be careful walking on any tracks, whether used or not. You never know what could happen by accident. When I'm walking on tracks, I listen for the train whistle, but also look both directions every couple of seconds. Usually you can tell when they're approaching, because you'll see cars stop, instead of passing over the tracks.

ellesappelle said...

I got a few photos of the tracks, mostly over the rail bridge. They had lights up with green either way; my dad said that means the track's empty for the next while on both sides so it was safe. Isn't it useful having someone who knows stuff like that? :) There's actually a walking/biking track alongside the tracks so it's perfectly safe to walk along there, and it would probably be okay even on the bridge.