Thursday, April 13, 2006

P for pegs

Funny story for today: my sister was down here a few days ago for a conference, and she was telling me she has a policeman friend who is on the squad that trys to bust people in Auckland who make P (a type of methamphetamine, if you haven’t heard of it). He told her that a man who’d recently had his furniture stolen was flicking through the realty section in the paper and saw a house for sale, with photos in it of his stolen furniture! So he went to look at the house on its open day, and sure enough, it was his furniture. He also thought there were some slightly odd things about the house, and he rung the police to report robbery. The police raided the house and discovered a fully-functioning P lab. :) You’d have to be pretty stupid, really, to advertise your house with photos of all its stolen furniture.

She was telling me a lot more about this and it’s actually pretty sad how big a deal P is now. There’s actually an excess of it so its price is way down, meaning more and more people are going to get addicted. She said the police are only discovering a tiny fraction of the P labs around, and that a lot of them are these poor family homes with lots of kids around, growing up in a horribly unhealthy environment. On the other hand, people who are way up in society and business are just as likely to be P-smokers as the poorer people. My sister is a speech therapist and she says they really often get people coming into hospital with really grave illness due to P, it just can’t be proven exactly what the cause is. She said last week she had a fifteen year old and his thirty year old uncle come in with really bad strokes after they had both been smoking P in the uncle’s apartment—fifteen and thirty? That should be proof enough, methinks. It’s a disgusting drug. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for the dealers or despise them.


Patty said...

Sad. Hmmm... And how is that a funny story? :)

Anyway, I was thinking, "What the heck is that a photo of?" Then I enlargerd it & figured out it was a clothesline. At least I think so.

ellesappelle said...

Okay, so maybe not such a funny story.... :)

Yup, it's a clothes line! Good sleuthing! I just liked the lines and the shape of the clothes pegs.