Sunday, June 01, 2008

things to do before I shuffle off this mortal coil

This is my list, inspired by Stacy's recent and wonderful one.

1. See the Northern Lights.

2. See a musical at West End, London. Preferably Les Miserables.

3. Ski on the advanced slope. This doesn't seem exactly major, I know, but I've only gone skiing once - crazy, since I live near the mountains - and I want to go again!

4. Take part in some sort of covert operation.

5. Do a Jane Austen pilgrimage in the UK.

6. Walk the Milford Track, Fiordland, New Zealand.

7. Ride a camel through the desert.

8. Learn how to play bagpipes.

9. See a volcano go up (preferably without getting killed).

10. See Shakespeare at the Globe. Preferably Othello or Macbeth.

11. Learn at least two languages other than English fluently.

12. Float in the Dead Sea.

13. Meet Bono, Edge, Adam and Larry. Discuss poetry. Be cool. Avoid hysterical meltdown consisting of "Oh. My. Gosh!"s.

14. Go to the Antarctic.

15. Swim with dolphins.

16. Be the first person to notice a spelling/grammar mistake in a major bestselling novel.

17. Have a baby.

18. Invent a chocolate that is good for your hips.

19. Go to the Metropolitan Opera in New York.

20. Find some natural hot springs somewhere in the wild in New Zealand and go for a dip.

21. Learn to dance.

22. Prove them wrong. Anyone.

23. Go to the British Museum and gain access to the non-public parts.

24. Work up the courage to hold one of these snakes in Bangkok. This is my sister-in-law and my niece about six years ago. I chickened out and took the photo instead of actually holding the snake. Always regretted it.

25. Take part in a major historical incident.

26. Have a "moment" across a crowded bar with someone famous, who afterwards talks about the mysterious girl they had a moment with across a crowded bar and who then disappeared forever. Preferably someone interesting/handsome.

27. Sit in a Parisian café wearing a beret discussing existentialism reading Waiting for Godot. I would say smoking a cigarette but there I draw the line.

28. Write a (good) novel.

29. Ride an elephant.

30. Go to an outdoor performance of Aida in Rome.

31. Have my own carrier pigeon.

32. Do a Sound of Music pilgrimage in Salzburg.

33. Go to Israel.

And that's about It, so far!


E. said...

Intriguing and inspiring! Love all thirty-three---and let me know when you're hitting the Milford Track; that's on my list, too!

Tusk said...

You're welcome to visit on your way to the Jane Austen Festival! I'd be glad to hang out or whatever. :P

sarakastic said...

#26 made me want to write my own list, but then I'd have to steal #26 so not plagiarizing won't be on my list.

the captain said...

awesome list! reptiles, opera,'ll need a lie down after you do all this...let's see, whilst proofing (i mean reading) a #1 bestseller in a pub you flirt madly with (insert name of current celebrity crush here) but you can't stick around for the fun part because your tango teacher awaits you in the store room of the british museum. after an exhausting hour of tango you dash to catch les mis. at interval you're busy brushing up on your german and can't do it post show because you've got an early start with the dolphins....I'm tired just thinking about it! ;-)

Trish Ryan said...

I'll join you on the covert operation, so long as it doesn't involve snakes or berets. Neither are meant to be worn; both are best avoided :)

Your list inspires me!!!

~Virginia~ said...

i was with ya right up until you started with the crazy snake talk! :) i'm down with the covert operation though!

Beck said...

Great list!
I only saw the Northern Lights for the first time in the past three years and I LIVE IN A NORTHERN LIGHTS AREA! Ha!

Stacy said...

I love your list. I'll join you for the Austen pilgrimage.

LEstes65 said...

34. Go to Austin, Texas.