Tuesday, December 12, 2006

pleasures of the flesh

Well. Yesterday I went a little crazy after I finished writing my essay, and I decided to get out all the Christmas decorations and overdecorate the lounge. This was a really good idea because if I waited till Dad came back he would try to stop me but now he can't! Heh heh. So I got out every single decoration we own, strung up the Christmas lights I got last year in the Boxing Day sales, and proceeded to make the lounge look really, really silly. But I am so happy! I turned the lights on and they twinkled away (they have a controller and you can change the way they twinkle, how cool is that?!) and I played carols on the piano and bellowed away with all my lungs. There is a nativity set on the piano, tinsel everywhere, decorations hanging on all the doorknobs, snowflakes on the walls, a small fake Christmas tree on top of the TV and so on. I'm also going to try to make a wreath for our door.

Then this afternoon I went shopping! My friend is getting married on Saturday, which is a very bizarre feeling, and so obviously I need new clothes. I bought a blueish-greenish A-line skirt, a black singlet, a little thin black cardigan that looked terrible on the rack but nice on me, and peridot earrings. (I put them last, for emphasis, because I love the word 'peridot'.) It's really a very bad thing, but I can't deny it - successful shopping makes me happy! Especially when it happens fast. I am not a browser. I was going to try to find some shoes as well but I spent a little over what I was expecting... so I'm going to be good and wear old ones.

Now I'm about to go out to my sister's house in Lincoln for dinner. It's about 30 degrees celsius (a shocker in our dry Christchurch climate) and they have a swimming pool... what bliss...

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Anonymous said...

Your idea of pleasures of the flesh amuses me. There's nothing more worldly than tinsel!

I like peridot, too. Not many people seem to be fans of that particular stone.