Saturday, July 01, 2006


I taught my nephew Lewis (7) how to write in phonetics because he's really into writing in code at the moment! It was really surprising how quickly he managed to pick it up. This is a letter he wrote to me. Yes, several mistakes, if you read phonetics, but really quite good for a seven year old! This is what it says:
Dear Allie,
You are so cute I could love you until your skin comes off! Am I cute?
From Lewis.
P.S. Please reply.
Yes... Lewis is a very... creative boy. :)

Monsters, by Finlay. Me, by Finlay! He was in a funny mood and decided to draw me anatomically incorrectly. :) If you can't read the typing, my ears are on my legs, my feet are on my stomach and my hands are sticking out of my skull.

This is my 150th post on this blog!!!! I think this calls for some celebration.

So... I have been shopping and bought CLOTHES. It feels so so so good, although I really shouldn't have bought them right now. I got new jeans (desperately needed), a black jersey, a black jacket, some grey trousers, and a black shirt. (I love black clothes but I haven't got any for a while, and I am in great need of slightly formal clothes, so...) It also helps that almost every item of clothing I bought was on sale! :)


Daffy said...

^_^ Like my Joey and Ilija. I'm glad you're enjoying your vacation. And shopping!!!

Patty said...

sales are always great. i went shopping b4 our vacation. got 2 pairs of jeans & about 6 tops, but no black...even though black is great & goes well with everything.

congrats on your 150th post!