Friday, July 21, 2006

ying and yang

Today I am feeling both positive and negative... hence the "ying and yang" title for today.

The first, big, positive news: U2 have rescheduled their concerts! Yippee! The one I was going to, on March 17, will now be on November 24 this year. And I managed to book flights, as my friend Katie with whom I'm going texted me as soon as she heard - I have a feeling there will be some people who left it too late and haven't managed to get any. All the same, the airlines will probably schedule more flights for that weekend.

So that is my positive thing for today. Yet, I have promised myself not to get excited. I doubt they will cancel again because that would just be too evil. But up till now everything has seemed to go wrong in terms of this concert except for the fact that I managed to get tickets to start with.

Negative thing: I've been sick and gross. Yuck. It's just the flu-ey, cold-y, winter thing mainly, but today most of the worst of that has gone and I'm exhausted still. So I haven't been able to go on the Navs camp this weekend, which was really disappointing. (Navs is the Christian group I'm in at university, and they have a winter camp every year - it's always really fun.)

On the bright side, however, this means I get to see my sister Felicity and her husband Mike, who have come down for the weekend and who I was going to miss otherwise. On the other hand, however, they're going to Vanuatu from here and so I will have to listen to Felicity gloating for the whole weekend. :)

[Photos: more from up the hill, the time Finlay screamed at the gunshots.]


Patty said...

Hey, that's great about the concert...but stinks about you being sick.

really love the 1st image.

Vanuatu? I think there was a Survivor season filmed there. Me & my dad watch Survivor together.

JIC said...

Love your photos & bio. Why should you have to choose between Jane Austen & U2? Both are fabulous. If Steve Martin can be a writer, comedian, and actor, you can write and play music. Go for it.