Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I feel extravagant

This is my new best friend:
and I love her/him!!!

Any suggestions for a name?


heidikins said...



Stacy said...

Congrats, and what a lovely friend.

I don't know about names. My laptop is named Satan, but yours looks like she's much nicer.

Sarakastic said...

I'm bad with names. My mom won't let me name pets or any children I may someday have because I'll end up calling them "fat head". I like Stacys idea.

E. said...

!!! Now we are twins, albeit from opposite corners of the world! Huzzah! I do love me some Macbook.

As for names, I am partial to the old fashioned, and tend toward the opposite sex so that I don't feel too alone while the rest of my roommates are out with their loves. Bertrand? Dorian? Thaddeus? Mine's Hadley. And I adore him.