Monday, April 20, 2009

who the heck?

Every time I've looked up my Statcounter page for this website recently, under "Keyword Analysis" I see that rather a lot of people have come to my blog looking for Rockell Welch.

Who the heck is Rockell Welch?

And what sort of name is that?

And when did I ever mention him/her/it?


Sarakastic said...

I assume they mean the movie actress Raquel Welch. Although, it might be a roller derby or stripper name that I'm just not aware of. I don't think you've ever mentioned either variety but google probably sends them to your blog in hopes that your wit will make them smarter.

~Virginia~ said...

i was going to suggest raquel welch also, but i see sara beat me to it. :)

JenKneeBee said...

Rockell is kind of a weirdly awesome name. But I have no idea who that is. Sorry :(