Wednesday, June 07, 2006

the end is in sight

Tomorrow: Linguistics test. Friday: History essay and creative writing due.

Aaand then - I am free!!!!

We-ell, free until the 22nd when I sit my history exam but the point is, this horrible fortnight of constant study is going to be FINISHED! In under two days! And when the test is over tomorrow - no more Syntactic Theory EVER!

I am going to have to celebrate somehow. I will spend all free time over the next two days devising a way to do it really well.

Photos: I took them before music last night. The Music Centre is right next to the Catholic Cathedral in my city; a rather nice location really.

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Patty said...

that last photo is eerie & daunting(love it). i love the shade of blue & the angle-it makes the building designs stand out.