Thursday, June 15, 2006

i won something!!!!!!

An illustration from my copy of Persuasion, by Jane Austen (my favourite book ever) - where Captain Wentworth talks to Mrs Musgrove about poor Richard, with Anne on the right.
Billy Blunt and Milly-Molly-Mandy in the three-legged race. (Milly-Molly-Mandy was one of my favourite books series when I was little... I used to copy everything she did!)
A sample of my handwriting. :)

That's right - I won something! And it's worth having! (For the record: I NEVER win things. At least, in the past. Perhaps now is a good time to start playing Lotto... then again, perhaps not.)

It's called a DocuPen and is a portable scanner! So exciting. It's literally the size of a pen and you run it over a page and plug it in later to the USB port on your computer. It was a competition through Canta, the student magazine at uni, and I had to email them saying why I deserved to win it... and I'd just written down seventy pages of notes for my history essay... so.... I won it!

It's only black and white so it doesn't scan photos or stuff like that at all well, but it's pretty good with text, or with drawings in black and white... as shown in samples above! I think it will actually be pretty useful too, when I take notes and things in future.

Totally made my week.


slskenyon said...

I LOVE the Persuasion drawing. In fact, I just rented the DVD version of the BBC film with Amanda Root in it, which I do like very much. It may seem like a "quiet" film many times, but it is very contemplative, very "listening" oriented--very much like the heroine. I think this is a fantastic Jane Austen novel because it is so different from her others, and deals with people knowing who they are rather than finding themselves--instead they find each other.

I'm going to watch that again right now--thank you for the inspiration.

ellesappelle said...

:) My pleasure. I quite like that version of Persuasion - it's very well cast, I think.

I agree with you about Persuasion being so different... it's a much more mature book, I think. The heroine is a quieter character than ones like Emma Woodhouse or Elizabeth Bennet, and good in an attractive way. It's also interesting (I was just indulging myself in a read of it the other day) that it's one of the only Austen novels in which the heroine doesn't have that really close female bond such as Jane and Lizzy in P&P. (I don't count Lady Russell because it doesn't seem like Anne can talk to her about everything.) It's like Jane Austen wondered what life would be like without those close female bonds she places so much importance on in other books... and the result is a rather sad character. Interesting.

:) Allie

Patty said...

Wow-how cool! You totally deserve it! ...70 pages... :O

Can you scan your face or something with it?

ellesappelle said...

Nope, no face scanning unfortunately! It can only be flat pages, in black and white (and black and white photos don't work very well - drawings are the best) although some coloured drawings are okay.

It's quite exciting, though - I've been writing a fairy story for my niece, or trying to. Now I can do illustrations for it and scan them onto my computer :)

Daffy said...

Awesome!!! I've seen that Persuasion many times. I love the scene where the other Daffy jumps off the wall ;)
BTW I've put new posts in my old Live Journal. I hope the link works...

Daffy said...

It does! It does!! ^_^