Monday, June 12, 2006


The photos I was trying to post a few days ago. From the rooftop carpark of a mall.
My bedroom window this morning.

It is June, and it is snowing. This shouldn't be happening until September. Just before you start getting mental pictures of cute little red-breasted robins and Yuletide puddings and red sledges with bells and reindeer and roaring fires and roasted marshmallows and snowmen with carrots as noses... in Christchurch, the only snow we get is shlushy and wet and gross and ugly. It's quite nice for about two hours, and then the novelty wears off. And it doesn't take nice pictures unless you're not in the city, because there's only about half an inch of it.

Apparently this May was the coldest in ten years.

But it's made for good skiing in the mountains. I've only ever been skiing once but I really want to go again this winter. The mountains are only about two hours away, depending on where you go, but my family has never really been a skiing family, so... But this is my six-months-late New Years Resolution: I will go skiing this winter.

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Patty said...

pretty photos.

snowing! it's about 100 degrees here. melting hot.

i've never been skiing. take some good photos when you go, so you can post them.