Friday, June 30, 2006


My youngest nephew and the cat, Mufasa. It's doubtful whether the cat enjoys Finlay's snuggles as much as Finlay does but I thought they made a very cute pair!
My sister and Finlay at my eldest niece's netball game.
Fin, at the netball again.
The University of Otago, the oldest university in NZ, has a beautiful section of older architecture. This is the most famous part of it - the Clock Tower.

Well, I have just spent a lovely five days in Dunedin (the fourth biggest city in NZ, in the south - slightly colder than Christchurch and the habitat of my sister and her husband and three children). I had the wisdom to avoid school holidays, which meant that during the day I was free to go and do whatever I wanted, and then when I got home I had enough energy to tolerate being ambushed by energetic children! It actually was very nice. I met up with a good German friend of mine who is studying at the University of Otago, I spent some time with Viv, my sister, at the uni where she works and watched a few movies with her in the evenings when the kids had gone to bed (Spanglish and Walk the Line), I spent a little bit too much money shopping, I visited the museum, I explored in general.

I loved the movie Walk the Line. (I also loved the other one!) It was such cool music. So I went and bought a Johnny Cash CD yesterday... sigh, his family must be raking in the royalties after this movie came out!

Photos: I apologise that it turns out that most of the only okay photos are of my youngest nephew Finlay. (He's just so cute, although he growls at you and sulks if he hears you saying that!) I did take some of the other two but the photos just didn't turn out so well!

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Patty said...


Mufasa, I like that name for a cat.

Finlay IS cute. *mental image of Finlay growling at me & sulking* quick, someone get the little guy some ice-cream! :)

i like the angle on the last image.

Walk the Line! I saw that a long while back & you just reminded me that I'd like to get the soundtrack. I think I got it confused with the movie, By the Sea, w/Kevin Spacey & forgot about Joaquin Phoenix's singing in Walk the Line.