Wednesday, December 21, 2005

honesty is the best policy

Thought for the day: I think many Christians have a big problem with honesty. We feel this need to perform, to present a happy, fulfilled and peaceful face to the world, as if by showing everyone how perfect we are, they'll want to become like us. I reckon that's the opposite of the truth. If we just told the truth, for once, that we are desperately screwed-up, doubting, foolish, weak, tired people rather than happy-clappy, iron-clad superhumans, I think we'd be a lot more attractive. Especially as everyone already knows we're not perfect. We'd get less comments about hypocrites in the church.

So I have resolved to be a person who doesn't have to put on this face to go to church. Some churches make me feel guilty for feeling unhappy. "What a beautiful day this is! Let's just praise and praise and praise the Lord!" (or something like that) I don't see why I should be expected to be perfectly peaceful and content with life as it is now. I firmly believe that my every desire and need is not going to be fulfilled on this earth. 'I still haven't found what I'm looking for.' Some people look at that perspective as if it's sacrilege but if we were just honest and admitted that we're not in heaven yet, there'd be a lot less depressed people who think they can't be Christians because they haven't managed to deceive themselves into thinking that everything's candy floss in their lives.

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