Saturday, January 13, 2007


This is a horse called Ziggy. If I had a horse I would call it Penelope and if I had a dog I would call it Horatio. I suppose I'd have to check the gender first. The best thing about animals is you don't have to worry how they'll be teased at school or anything. If you called your dog John and your cat Anne, to be safe, you'd come across a bit boring. [Disclaimer: if either of your pets are called John and/or Anne, accept my unreserved apologies.]

I found it a bit unnerving a while back when I stayed with a friend who had a lovely big German Shepherd. When I got there, she started shouting, "Down, Allie!" Yup. Turns out the dog was called Allie too. It took a while to get used to that. Oh well, at least it wasn't a chihuahua or something.

Because I like naming things and I'm not particularly eager to have children yet, perhaps I should get a pet. Or better yet, pets. I do like the idea of a nice cuddly warm tabby cat, or a well behaved dog I could take walking and scare bad men away with. Unfortunately, every single pet I've had that was mainly my property to look after has died before their time. It makes me feel a little unloved. Waffles the rabbit and G-nu the guinea pig died when I was about 11, and although G-nu's death was natural, Waffles's was probably my fault for letting him get an infection. I still feel very bad about that. Dwiana the gecko became my sole charge when my elder sister got sick of her, and I fed her the wrong leaves, and she died. In my last year of school I decided to buy fish, and I saved up for ages and got a little aquarium and all the gear and two little goldfish which I named Flotsam and Jetsam. Flotsam died from unknown causes, and then Jetsam died when he/she got a fungus and his/her tail fell off, about three weeks after I bought them. All this leads me to conclude that I am not an animal person.


Sarakastic said...

OR, you could just rename other peoples pets, like start calling allie horatio. 3 weeks is a long good life for a gold fish.

Trish Ryan said...

Nobody tells you this, but fish and lizards and rodents are all the hard pets that don't give you much feedback...try a dog and you'll do much better!

My niece got a giant stuffed horse for Christmas and we named it Penelope :)

Bonsai said...

ohmygosh flotsam and jetsam!! hahahahahahaha good old neopets. i still have my accounts lol.