Wednesday, January 02, 2008

my resolutions (of sorts)

It is just under a week until I can finally get my cast off (broken heel, see November '07 posts) and although the preceding five weeks actually went pretty fast, this week is about the slowest of my life. I am getting so frustrated! So, I am going to be make an effort to be positive on here. Instead of new year's resolutions, I am making a list of what I am going to do on Monday when I can walk again.

1. Wander. I will go into town and just walk, around the botanic gardens, the museum, the art gallery, the arts centre, by the river, and so on. Wherever I feel like, without having to think everything through beforehand or getting dropped off at the most convenient location.

2. I am going to get a souvlaki at Dimitri's on Colombo St, the best souvlaki place in town.

3. I am going to go for a looooong drive, with nobody else. Maybe up the hill or to the beach. Maybe convince Dad to let me borrow the car and go away for a night somewhere. (I really need to buy my own car.)

4. I am going to go to Alice in Videoland and get out a DVD - Sophie Scholl - which I've been wanting to see for ages. (Alice's is a really big video store with a whole heap of arty/foreign/classic/alternative/etc films as well as the normal range. It's slightly inconvenient to get to and I'd have to return this, a new release, the next day, so I haven't managed to get it out before.)

5. I am going to go swimming.

6. SHOPPING! Clothes, birthday present for a few people, wedding present for a friend, anything that takes my fancy within reason.

7. I am going to play the piano and use my right foot to pedal. I have been using my uninjured left foot for the last few weeks, which feels a bit strange.

8. I am going to take my (new) camera and go for a long walk and take lots and lots of beautiful photos.

Of course, the nature of my injury and its treatment means I may not be able to walk properly for a while. I will have lost basically all my muscle strength in my right foot and lower leg. I don't know if I'll be able to drive straightaway and apparently I'll need a lot of physiotherapy. Bummer. But at the moment I am trying to look at Monday as my date of release from prison, or I will just find it too depressing.


Tusk said...

I feel for you Elle--I was out of action for about a month with a sprained knee and walking after that was one of the weirdest things ever!

Anonymous said...

Hi there David from N.Y here and same injury and stuck in a cast as well,so far for 2 weeks and going nuts! So uncomfortable and such a pain to get around anywhere.How are you feeling,still have any pain or swelling?Feel free to vent,

Sarakastic said...

I've never broken a bone so I always thought of it as slightly romantic, although today's casts don't seem to be favorable to people signing them. I just always pictured myself naming it casty like on Gilmore girls. Now I see there error of my ways. I'm an idiot. Congratulations on it almost being Monday!!!

Trish Ryan said...

I adore any resolutions list that starts with the word "wander"! Here's to Monday and the amazing things you see and find and do in the days that come after!

LEstes65 said...

I want to win a lottery and join you in completing this list.

Stacy said...

Yay to getting your cast off. Have fun!

~Virginia~ said...

Sounds like a plan! Have fun enjoying your new Foot Freedom! :)

heidikins said...

Oooh, sounds fantastic!! Can't wait for the photos of all these incredible places!