Saturday, May 09, 2009

writer's block

I have been trying to think of something to write about for what feels like ages now, so that you no longer have to look at bright blue and pink cupcakes every time you open this page. Unfortunately, I'm slowly falling into the state of mind I fell into last year when I first started getting into my research - being unable to think about any ideas beyond the very beginning of them, unless they are somehow related to my study. So the blog post today is a blog post of fragments:

- I have just been reading a speech that was read at the Second National Congress of Peace and Friendship with the U.S.S.R., in London, 1937. The speaker was Mr. Dingle Foot. Perchance the funniest name ever?

- On Monday I am meeting the Prime Minister of New Zealand. I didn't vote for his party and I would prefer it to be the former PM, but still - it's kind of exciting!

- My two-year-old niece is in love with Jeff, from the Wiggles. If you haven't come across this children's entertainment group, well, don't go rushing to buy a DVD. However, she loves them, and especially Jeff, who is always sleepy. She has had dreams about him, and she insists on wearing a "sleeping hat" to bed because Jeff always wears one. She informs me and everyone else just about every time I see her: "I like purple. Jeff is purple. He's always sleeping."

- I graduated about a month ago, complete with funny hat and Harry Potter/gospel choir gown and pink hood. I could have graduated a year ago with my BA but decided to wait until I had my BA (Hons) degree. It was fun - we got to march through town, police holding up traffic for us, led by a bagpiper, and then to file into the Town Hall to the blare of a pipe organ. Walking across the stage, trying to remember to hold your trencher in your left hand, smile, shake with the right, take certificate with the right, put on trencher with the strings hanging over the left edge, then walk down the stairs without tripping - I know we all have university qualifications, but that's complicated!!!


Sarakastic said...

I was so happy to read this post. I have this wiggles board game that my nephews love. I just never knew what the wiggles is, so when it's like "talk like Jeff" I just try to talk like how someone named Jeff would talk. The best is when you have to walk like a dinosaur.

Stacy said...

I rather liked the pink and blue cupcakes, but new posts are even better.

Congrats on your graduation.

LEstes65 said...

I love the Wiggles. But Jeff is the scariest one. I was not shocked to Google him and find he is the only single Wiggle. I have a crush on Anthony (the blue Wiggle). Even though is overly whitened teeth frighten me.

Trish Ryan said...

Congratulations! Graduation AND you got to dress like Harry Potter and have a parade??? Seriously, New Zealand is the best place ever...

Miss Chevious said...

congrats on the graduation! i always tear up at pomp and circumstance--even if i'm not the one graduating. :)

meeting the prime minister?! that is so cool!