Sunday, July 19, 2009

are you kidding me?

I was woken at an unknown hour last night by the telephone. I have the privilege of one of the larger, more sunny bedrooms in the flat but the disadvantage of being the only one likely to hear the telephone at night. After a moment of lying in bed going "nnnnnnn" I decided it could be an emergency and jumped up to get it.

"Hello?" I grunted.

"Hi, is Wendy there?" [Not her real name. A guest who is currently sleeping in the sleep-out - a room attached to the garage rather than the house.]

"Yes... but I'm not going to take the phone to her at this time of night."

"Oh, okay. I'll ring her back some other time."

HANG UP. Turn on my cell phone to check the time; it's 2:50am.

Seriously??? You had to wake me up at that hour of the morning on the assumption that I would stagger out of bed, put on shoes and warm clothes, and carry the phone to your girlfriend (as I think it was her boyfriend calling) whose bedroom is not inside, and who is probably asleep? All for a non-emergency?

Possible reasons: a) sheer stupidity; b) forgetfulness; c) the assumption that as we are all students, we party the nights away in blissful freedom from the necessity of sleep; d) cruelty?



LEstes65 said...

E) All of the above. But mostly A).

Sarakastic said...

I'll go with option A. as well.