Wednesday, March 26, 2008

things that I think are beautiful

Since I got my new camera I haven't had a lot of chances to use it. But here are some photos I've taken over the last couple of months which might not necessarily be that great composition-wise but which I love to look at because I think they're beautiful, for various reasons.

Sun shining through water onto pebbles below.
Rice crackers in neat little piles.
One of my best friends.
Bark on a tree that looks like a cross.
A little guest in our home.
A bee in our garden.
Cows grazing the big mound of dirt that was left by builders down the road from my home.

Ordinary. Everyday. But I still think they're beautiful.


Sarakastic said...

you are quite the photographer, I'd pick which picture was my favorite but I can't choose I love them all.

~Virginia~ said...

i'm with sara...they're all beautiful! i just got a new camera recently, too! LOVE it! will have to post the pics soon. by the way, i'm a total moron and i accidentally deleted your comment to my previous blog posting! :( sigh.

Tavis Xavier said...

Wow, that looks to be a huge mound.

Greenness is choice.

LEstes65 said...

I'm totally in love with the first one, the jumping swimmer and the cows. I want to frame the cows. No really. I do. How much would you charge me for the digital file?

E. said...

Ooh, all so pretty! Especially love the wee snail sliming along that gorgeous blue---and I'm with lestes65 on those cows.

Also, in a somewhat related note that I've been meaning to leave for a while now: love your ever-changing blog banners. Each one as fantastic as the last.

Carry on, creativity!

JenKneeBee said...

I especially love the first picture and the one of the kid swimming!

Barrie said...

You've made me realize how much I need a new camera.

Beautiful pics. My fave: the swimmer!

Trish Ryan said...

These ARE beautiful. Although I'm slightly worried about those cows, so close to the edge...

Thanks for reminding me that I'll enjoy my camera so much more if I take some actual pictures!

Beck said...

BEAUTIFUL. Is there anything more beautiful than the ordinary when you really think about it?