Thursday, March 20, 2008


In the words of Freddie Mercury, I think I'm going slightly mad. Suddenly I've started noticing myself whispering to imaginary persons all the time. I imagine people I know or made-up people in conversation with me and come up with all these incredibly interesting answers. So I have been at home alone for a week, but most of my time is spent at university where I see other honours students even if no other human life crosses my path and I sit inside shrivelling into a little pile of Vitamin D-deprived caffeine-overloaded skin. Okay, moving on from that disgusting choice of self-description. The point is, it's not like I don't see people.

Besides this, I am happier than I've been in a while, being back at uni. Despite feeling completely overwhelmed. I'm excited and busy and I'm learning so much, besides finally being able to walk properly again. I get on so well with the rest of the honours class. I have my own desk with line of textbooks, map of Russia, Cyrillic alphabet chart, and family photos, and let's not forget the swivelly chair. A home away from home! (And that's nothing compared to the guy across from me who has a fruit bowl and a guitar!) Even my part-time job is so much fun right now, and I've just had a pay rise. Church is a blast and tomorrow it's Good Friday. I have to work at uni over Easter weekend (taking Sunday off) but we're all going to bring Easter eggs and hot cross buns so it really won't be that bad. My favourite tea is in good supply and I have a 6-pack of V in the fridge (my favourite energy drink). My sister sent me an incredibly cute photo by cellphone of my niece Ruby playing the piano today. I have learnt how to play the coolest Tchaikovsky piece ever on the piano. My siblings and I are organising a REALLY, wickedly awesome birthday present for my father's birthday which I know he'll love and about which I'm very excited.

So why have I started talking to myself?!?!


JenKneeBee said...

I can't answer your question, but I'm still jealous of all the fun it sounds like you're having!

Sarakastic said...

Hmm most really smart people talk to themselves, it's when imaginary people start answering you that you need to worry. Glad that things are going so well1

heidikins said...

Do you answer yourself outloud too? (Because I do that all the time... and I have decided that as long as I am asking AND answering it's simply a verbal manifestation of my thought process... if I'm not answering -and thereby expecting someone/something else to answer- I am slipping into crazy-town.)


~Virginia~ said...

i talk to myself, too. a lot. it's an unfortunate habit that i developed as a kid (only child here). i've gotten better about it in public, but i don't think there's anything wrong with it. :)

Trish Ryan said...

Maybe because you know that when life is this much fun, it's worth celebrating...whether there's anyone around to join you or not! Besides, wouldn't ANYBODY be thrilled if they had their own Cyrillic alphabet chart???

Enjoy :)

Beck said...

I often catch myself talking out loud to myself, which is always sort of disconcerting. I think it's just a sign of having a busy mind, personally!

Tavis Xavier said...

Sounds like things are going well for you.

I talk to myself from time to time and why is talking to yourself a bad thing? Sometimes you need to hear it via voice instead of via mind.

Stacy said...

Everyone has imaginary conversations. They're usually more interesting than the real ones.

Have you, by any chance, recently either read The Bell Jar or watched A Beautiful Mind? Both of those convince me that I'm losing it for a week or so, then I go back to normal.

Or whatever Stacy Normal is (slightly crazy, but harmless, I think).

LEstes65 said...

I talk to myself often. Inwardly or out loud. I often have little conversations with God. More like, when something happens that is poignant to me, I'll say something like, "OK God. Message received." Or if he's given me a good poke in the ribs over something I'll say, "Good one God," or something. People probably think I'm joking but I'm quite serious in my exchanges with him.

Anyway, you're awesome and no amount of chats with persons real or imaginary would put me off.

Rock on Uni Girl. Rock on.

E. said...

It's an hour drive between my family's house and university, and driving back to my apartment this weekend, I totally talked to myself, out loud, the entire way. While I don't necessarily think this is normal, I don't think it's entirely mad, either---so I wouldn't worry about it. Too much.

Ha. I so should not be the advice columnist on this one.