Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Please, blogosphere, send me some love. I am feeling really, really dumb, and I have an impending sense of doom about the year ahead of me.

I have just sent my sister this text message: "Masters is HORRIBLE. I don't know how you got through a PhD. I just feel so stupid!"

She replied: "You've made it. That's the whole objective."

Why, why, didn't I become a florist? It was a perfectly reasonable fantasy. No, I had to do the "sensible" thing and come to university.

Meanwhile, I am drowning my sorrows in:

wine and Whittaker's hazelnut chocolate;
while cooking - rhubarb pie, my favourite.
It wasn't supposed to get burnt but it still tasted goooood, and made me feel slightly better.


The Captain said...

OMIGOD I'M COMING TO YOUR PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is it sauvignon blanc by any chance? if it is, set up the sofabed, i'ma comin'! if it's from marlborough then i'm moving in!!!

panic not, and remember florists have to get up REALLY EARLY and go to markets and haggle with mafia-types and then spend ALL DAY getting cuts and SNEEZING and ALSO FREEZING because flowers must be kept cold.

so stay at uni, drink more wine, study hard and enjoy it !! :-)

Sarakastic said...

Florists have to deal with bridezillas. Allie doesn't have to deal with bridezillas therefore Allie is in a better situation than florists. You will get the hang of it because you are awesome. I think I called home at the beginning of every single semester feeling exactly the same way & I wasn't even in a master's program.

heidikins said...

Um, you make Rhubarb pie?!? Seriously!? Does it ship well?

And I agree with Sarakastic, bridezilla's are FAR worse than any Master's program. ;o)

Hang in there girly!

JenKneeBee said...

Phd programs were invented to make you feel stupid. Don't worry, things will get better. You are NOT stupid!

Trish Ryan said...

You're suffering now for future benefit, when the rest of us will seek your wisdom because you learned important things about important things during your graduate years. I've never sought wisdom from my florist. Therein lies the difference!

(and by virtue of your admission, you're not stupid. So feel free to ignore that lie completely!)

LEstes65 said...

I ditto all of the above. And I reiterate my comment on Facebook - you am NOT dumbly. You am fantabulous and wonderlific. I am in awe of your pursuit of higher education. Especially considering I tossed it all after junior year and don't even have a degree.

I know some florists. Some are happy. But you really want to have to cater to what other people think is good taste?

God's got your back. And he don't make no JUNK, girl.

~Virginia~ said...

i use any excuse for good wine, so i'm probably not a reliable source of comfort. :) i do hope that things calm down and never fear--the "bigger picture" shows itself eventually.