Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Being home

Just returned from the Coast. I had a fantastic time; nice and relaxing. Didn't do a whole lot, come to think of it! My nephews and niece are so exhausting that not much seems like a marathon. But it was nice just hanging out with my sisters who came. We don't get to do that very often, as only two of us live in the same city (there's six of us altogether), let alone country! And I must confess that getting a break from my parents is nice, although OF COURSE I appreciate them very much.

I just feel more independent without them, I suppose.

Anyway, the West Coast (of the South Island) is beautiful. I would recommend it to anyone coming to New Zealand. You can't expect it to be great weather constantly, even mid-summer, but even when it's pouring with rain it's beautiful. And there are lots of lovely days as well. We stayed at my uncle's bach in Moana, by Lake Brunner, which is definitely worth seeing; Punakaiki is fabulous, one of my favourite places in New Zealand, although we didn't actually go there this time; Shantytown near Greymouth is great if you have kids (it's also pretty fun for adults anyway!). Hokitika is a nice town as well, with a lovely beach.

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