Sunday, February 22, 2009

Pilgrims' Progress

I think I've blogged about this blog before, but once again I just have to share it with you all - Pilgrims' Progress is a blog written by a Kiwi family who are travelling the world on the cheap for a year. This may sound even more amazing when I mention the fact that they have eight children. Look up their blog for explanation on how it is being done, and how it is afforded, but their most recent post makes me want to drop everything and go to China. Check it out.

I am in the throes of a headcold at the moment. It makes me very depressed. Couple this with the fact that the university is mucking up my enrolment, yet again, and I may be living on my overdraft for the next month, and I am STRESSED. Pilgrims' Progress makes for a moment of glorious escapism - but it's all true.

(By the way, to see the text on this blog I have to scroll down quite a lot. It may be the same for you - don't give up! The blog IS there!)

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JenKneeBee said...

Feel better soon!