Friday, June 22, 2007

hooray for lots of things

Firstly, hooray for tags! Thanks, Lynette!

1 Where is your cell phone? hidden
2 Relationship? invisible
3 Your hair? dry
4 Work? absent
5 Your sisters? cool!
6 Your favorite things? music
7 Your dream last night? decongestant
8 Your favorite drink? milk
9 Your dream car? Mini
10 The room you're in? cold
11 Your shoes? muddy
12 Your fears? childcare
13 What do you want to be in 10 years? author
14 Who did you hang out with this weekend? Christians
15 What are you not good at? soccer
16 Muffins? savoury
17 Wish-list item? genius
18 Where you grew up? Aotearoa
19 The last thing you did? exam
20 What are you wearing? slippers
21 What are you not wearing? braces
22 Your pet? kaput
23 Your computer? slow
24 Your life? confusing
25 Your mood? sick
26 Missing? Mum
27 What are you thinking about? travelling
28 Your car? sluggish
29 Your kitchen? scented
30 Your summer? late
31 Your favorite color? green
32 Last time you laughed? movie
33 Last time you cried? movie
34 School? over!
35 Love? piano
36 Tag? anyone

Secondly, I sat my last exam this morning, and I have officially finished my BA! If I didn't have my horrendous triannual cold, I would be celebrating. Of course, I'm coming back for Honours. And I haven't got my marks or a certificate yet so of course, theoretically, I don't have my BA. But it seems like a bit of a milestone to finish all the work I'll ever have to do for my first degree :)

Thirdly, Sara has posted one of the coolest short stories I have ever read. Totally made my day.

Fourthly, we had roast lamb and roast vegetables for dinner. Mmmmm! That just makes the fact that it is the shortest day of the year (and freezing cold) so much more bearable.


heidikins said...

Congratulations!! It must be such a good feeling to have the BA done! Absolutely fantastic!


LEstes65 said...

I read "34 School? over!" and went "WOO-HOO!!!" inside. YEAH! Congrats on that. And I notice that you and I both like green. Good choice.

Stacy said...

Congrats on your BA. Well done :)