Wednesday, January 28, 2009


The Adversaries

The Killers. Indie rock. Hot Fuss, Sam's Town and Day and Age.

Duffy. Soul/pop/I don't even know what to label it. Rockferry.

The Fight

Allie's attendance at their concerts.

The Killers - Westpac Arena, Christchurch, March 31. $100.

Duffy - Christchurch Town Hall, April 2. $119.90.

The Problem

I'm a poor student and can only afford to go to one of the concerts, which are oh-so-annoyingly placed two days apart. I'm very tempted to go to both, because it's not like fantastic acts like this come to Christchurch all that often, but I don't think I can justify spending over $200 in one week on concerts.

For Duffy:

I actually like Duffy better than the Killers - everything she sings I like, whereas some of the Killers' songs do not interest me whatsoever.

For the Killers:

Although I like Duffy overall better than the Killers, there are some Killers songs which kick arse. And I suspect their concert would be more of a spectacle, more fun in the mosh pit.

Who is going down??? You decide.


JenKneeBee said...

I'd go to the Duffy one purely based on the venue. Concerts in arenas usually have terrible sound and you can't get close to the artist. I'm assuming that you'll be able to get much closer and the sound will be much better in the townhall venue. Plus, as much as I like the Killers, her fans will probably be less annoying.

Sarakastic said...

I vote for both & then save money by not going to sucky concerts that come to town.

The Captain said...

There is no choice. The reviews for the current tour are incredible. You gotta go Killers. End of story. :-)

OR come to Melb and see them BOTH as part of V Festival! Add in Snow Patrol and it's practically PAYING YOU to go!

The Captain said...

to wit:

pilgrimchick said...

Wow--it's nice to land on that kind of debate now and again because truly, you can't entirely lose either way. I honestly have no opinion in this case--but I am sure you'll have fun.

LEstes65 said...

Sadly, I am so old and unhip, I cannot be of any assistance in this matter.