Saturday, January 24, 2009

from the arbiter of trends, to you

I think I could have a career writing for women's magazines...

What's Hot
1. McDonalds strawberry milkshakes. I don't know and I don't care how bad they are for me - they're cheap and goood, and it's hot outside, and I like studying in busy, noisy places that don't mind me buying one drink and sitting there for an hour.
2. The possibility of researching abroad in cool archives like this.
3. The new U2 single!!!! Yippee! For a while there I had thought I was losing my U2 obsession and suddenly I love 'em again.
4. Moving into a flat for the first time. Acquiring a life of my own.
5. Going camping!! Next week, in two of the coolest (or should I say hottest?) spots in New Zealand, with one of my best friends. Cheap holidays are great!
6. The Buskers' Festival. The centre of Christchurch is more bustling and fun at the moment than at any other time of the year.

And What's Not
1. Weather that is unbearably hot (and yes, I have noticed that I'm designating "hot" weather as "not hot")
2. The reality setting in that people don't want to give me free money to go research abroad unless I can justify it. And by justifying it, that means doing something politically correct or financially rewarding.
3. Moving out of home for the first time. Leaving my parent all on his own and feeling guilty.
4. Writing a research proposal. Not fun.
5. White-tail spiders finding ways to enter the house.


E. said...

A room of your own! The Buskers' Festival! Strawberry Milkshakes! Happy, happy life.

Sarakastic said...

My captcha was fering but then it blinked & changed to kationt so I think that somehow bodes well for your move!

Stacy said...

McDonalds does have amazing shakes.

Congrats on getting your first flat.

Trish Ryan said...

Oh to be in a place where a milkshake would be soothing and cool! Happy new flat & happy summer :)

~Virginia~ said...

no one ever understands how amazing strawberry milkshakes are...until they have one.!

LEstes65 said...

What's Hot #1 - AMEN sister!

What's Not #5 - AMEN sister!